It is said that Marriages are made in Heaven. Your Wedding Day is the Most Beautiful and Special Day of Your Life. And, We at Upkar Studios will help Preserve Your Precious Memories Forever. The Studio Started in 1978 by Mr. Sardar Inderjeet Singh. We create Beautiful Photo Books and Wedding Albums So that You can Recall Your Wedding Day and Experience Same Joy and Happiness again. The key to An Amazing Picture is that the Photographer Captures all the Right Moments at the right time from the right angle. And this is what we do at Upkar Studios.

Currently Mr. Gurmeet Singh and Mr. Kuldeep Singh Sons of Mr. Sardar Inderjeet has been Covering Wedding Shoots, Fashion Shoots, Product Photography Shoots and any and Everything that comes under the radar of Photography since 2006. As Cliché as it may Sound, but the Idea of Capturing Moments Intrigued him way more than Engineering ever could.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

We are Committed to Excellence in whatever we do and we sure know how to make a woman shine the Brightest as a Bride. We not only Capture Natural Magic on a Wedding Day but also Create Powerful Visual Storytelling.

Our Vision

We Believes that Every Client is Different and Demands Different, yet Innovative Approach that is how with over a Decade of Experience you can Expect us to click the Best Moments of Your Occasion or Every Single Picture.
Our Believe

We Simply Believe in the Perfection that is why Our Work Speaks for Us. While Focusing Camera Lenses We try Our Best to Capture the Simplicity along with feelings that is how the True Identity of a Photographer can be seen in Our Work.